Food Data for Food Brands

Food brands' access to their F&B buyers through distribution partners.

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Real insights from real sales

Get ahold of the data you need to make real decisions. 

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    What's happening?

    We collect the data of where your products are ending up and break it all down for easy digestion.

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    Much faster than email

    Provide fast and effective support with our powerful live chat. Set up message shortcuts and auto-responses to save time.

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    Where is your product really going?

    No more lists or manual updates for your F&B customers. A plug-in for your website to share where consumers can get your products. 

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    Get your brand across

    Update your descriptions, pictures, prices, and sales assets so all of your distributors have up-to-date information. 

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    Data Audit and Health

    Have you ever found out too late that there's an issue with one of your products in a distributor's database? No longer, we make sure all of your products are good to go throughout the system. 

  • Personal touch


    Compensate sales reps on a neighboorhood level. We'll do the aggregation, tracking, validation, and execution of your comp packages.

Integrated into some of the largest ERP's and distributors

  • We have decades in the food industry
  • CPG's are in our blood (literally and figuratively)

What you get from us

A person to talk to.

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We'll fit our solution to your problems, with your people. We live this industry too.

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Account Health Tracking

We'll make sure all of your products are where and how they should be. No more finding out about back-end errors months later. No more wondering if distributors have your up-to-date assets.

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Brands waste 50% of their marketing, we'll show you which half that is. 

Built for ALL types of products

If you sell into F&B, we're here to help with the data.

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Cheeses & Charcuterie

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Spices & Sauces

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Nuts & Grains

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BeveragesRead the story in our company blog.

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Fish & Meats

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Fruits and Fruit Products

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Alternative protiens

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